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.s. government. she supports japan's economic policy as a way to keep the nation on a firm recovery path. she endorsed the abe administration's bold monetary easing and fiscal spending measures. her approval came with a warning regarding the recent weaker yen she said advanced countries should allow markets to determine exchange rates and weaken the currencies to their advantage. a common spot u.s. treasury push the yen lower. it rose to the highest level in two years and nine months. that's on expectations the bank of japan will take additional easing measures. the dollar yen is changing hands at 94.33 and 35. the yen is now being quoted at 126.41 to 46. let's look at how the yen slide is affecting stocks. tokyo share prices are sharply higher following two days of declines. market players say car makers and other exports are benefitting from the slide. the niei is up 2.54% from friday's close. south korean's kospi is up about .1 of a japan's fiscal and monetary policies are likely to be key topics of monetary meetings. japanese finance minister and bank of japanovernor will attend the confe
companies said they expect an upturn this year. many cited the government's economic stimulus measures as a reason. the weaker yen was also another factor here. when asked about their stance on the wrong going annual wage negotiations, none of the respondents said that they are considering a raise in base salaries or bonus payments. seven firms said they may even reduce bonuses. another company said it's actually considering a wage cut. an executive of toshiba explains why firms are cautious about wage hikes. >> translator: the yen's decline and stock market's advance started from the end of last year. they have brightened prospects, but they are not yet actually reflected in the company's performance. >> he went on to say that they had to compete in the global markets while dealing with a power shortage, heavy corporate taxes and also labor restrictions. >>> let's move on to the markets now and let's see what's going on in europe. trading there has been a pretty tight range. many investors refraining from big bets as they tended to run out of some fresh cues. we have a mixed picture d
governments on monday that they would go forward with the test. >>> officials in china's foreign ministry issued a statement strongly protesting the test. they criticize their allies and pyongyang for ignoring repeated calls to abandon their plans. nhk world reports from beijing. >> reporter: chinese leaders have made it clear that they oppose the test. communist leader says he wants the key reyan peninsula to be stable. north korea may be a traditional ally but chinese leaders say the nuclear program as a threat to their national security. but they also oppose tougher sanctions. they believe joining the u.s., japan and other countries in pushing for more sanctions would further isolate the north. at the same time, north korean leaders have not responded to china's call for an early resumption of the six-party talks on the north's nuclear program. the talks have been stalled for more than four years. chinese officials maintain that the talks are the only way to achieve a peaceful and nonnuclear korean peninsula. they may find themselves in a difficult position as international pressure is
. they've been launching attacks on aleppo's international airport. government troops have responded with air strikes on aleppo and the capital damascus. opposition activists say more than 50 people died in the latest fighting. >>> a man has attacked people in the u.s. pacific territory of guam with a knife. local police say he killed two people and he wounded at least 12 other people, 11 of them japanese. the man reportedly slammed his car into a shop in the busy tourist district of tumon. then he started attacking people. hospital officials say the two dead were japanese women. they say the wounded include an 8-month-old baby and a 3-year-old child. fire officials say three people died. police say they've detained a 21-year-old american resident of guam. >>> japanese exporters and stock investors have seen the decline of the yen and have cheered it on, but today they're seeing a different picture. ai uchida too has been following the yen for us. so what can you tell us? >> well, catherine, group of seven leaders, nations have been just talking about currencies, and actually, they'v
minister abe took office. abe's economic strategy called for grievance tear easing and more government spending. in the past three months, abe's policies have resulted in an almost 30% rise of japanese share prices. and the yen has fallen about 15% against the dollar, boosting japan's exports. the major economic powers have closely watched these developments. some g-20 leaders such as germany's finance minister are worried that japan may be using its monetary and fiscal policies to devalue utes currency and boost exports. group of several countries issued an emergency statement earlier this week. they affirm government policies should not target interest rates. >> translator: it's important to make it clear to the world so that there will be no misunderstanding, we can't have an unnecessary miscommunication affecting the global economy. >> reporter: at the g-20 meeting, it was explained that japan has no intention of manipulating interest rates. he wants to get the message across that policymakers are only trying to pull the country out of depression. amid the fwlobl economy developmen
government leaders. number two leader praised kim jong-il for having promoted development of nuclear weapons. he said the test this week was a fair response to a u.s. violation of north korea's legitimate right to launch a satellite. and he said the army and the people will step up their fight to defend the country's sovereignty. >>> researchers in the united states believe north korea could be preparing a new missile launch. their analysis is based on recent satellite photos of a launch site in the northeast of the country. researchers at johns hopkins university looked at images of the launch site in musudan-ri. they compared photos taken in january with shots from three months earlier. the photos show a crane pointing in a different direction. part of the launchpad has been cleared of snow. the researchers say this activity could point to another missile test. the researchers also report that a new launchpad is being upgraded. they say it's being fitted with three large fuel tanks and a flame trench cover to protect large rockets from exhaust gases. they note the cover appears similar to
dialogue between the syrian government and opposition forces. opposition leaders recently agreed to talk with the administration of president bashar al-assad. he said he met syrian national coalition leader and other opposition leaders on monday. >> the chairman of the coalition has offered to enter into a dialogue with the government, not as a whole but of selected people whose hands are not soaked with blood. >> he said opposition leaders are considering the proposal seriously, and he believes it's anmportant step. the arab league chiefs warned that syrians are struggling to secure food and shelter amid the prolonged fighting. he said the international community needs to cooperate to stop the violence. >>> myanmar was a bloody battleground during world war ii. historians and archeologists had little opportunity to explore that wartime history during decades of military rule. but democratic reforms have created a more open attitude. now an effort has begun to search for the remains of japanese soldiers. nhk world has more. >> reporter: the former japanese army invaded india across the b
of destroying enemy strongholds. it says leaders in pyongyang won't bend to pressure from the u.s. government and adds north koreans are ready for new sanctions and even war. >>> japan's self-defense force personnel were transported aboard osprey aircraft in a joint drill with u.s. marines. it's the first time the sdf used the tilt row or the aircraft. about 280 sdf members are engaged in a landing exercise in california along with 500 u.s. marines. 50 of them flew in aircraft from a u.s. navy vessel to show. they disembarked with the marines in advance of checking the route. japanese officials say they will examine the possibility of introducing the osprey for use by the sdf. they deployed 12 osprey last year but communities protest about the aircraft's safety. >>> asian delegates met in tokyo on thursday to discuss financial asis the answer for pakistan. nhk world's tokomoto kamata has more. >> reporter: japanese foreign officials want to show the international community that not only the west but also asia wants to contribute to the middle east peace process. representatives from asean cou
between myanmar's previous military government and ethnic minorities has restricted access to most of the former battle zones. >>> japan's meteorological agency has developed a new alert system to warn of tsami afte very powerful earthquakes. the news comes before the second anniversary of the quake and tsunami that devastated northeastern japan. the magnitude 9 earthquake on march 11, 2011 was initially estimated at just 7.9. the agency then issued alerts for tsunamis that proved far smaller than those that pummeled the area. that warning system was designed to issue tsunami alerts three minutes after quakes of up to around magnitude 8. the new system can detect magnitude 8 ortronger earthquakes. the agency will now be able to issue warnings for massive tsunami and urge evacuation without saying how big they might be. >> translator: we want to keep improving the system so that we can issue useful and reliable alerts. >> the system will go into operation on march 7th. >>> patients with spinal cord injuries typically lose movement in their lower body. and they must resign themselves
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)